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Solar PV can often be used to great effect, ground and roof mounted options are available and can be tailored to work with their surroundings. Larger PV system offer returns of up to 15% over 25 years and pays for itself within 8 years on a south facing roof. Many fixing options are available, should the roof need to be re sheeted the panels can be quickly removed and replaced with minimal disruption.


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Biomass burns forms of dry wood to generate heat and hot water. This can provide heat from waste farm products although it is important to make sure there is enough burnable material to last whilst heat is required. Wood chip, log and pellet boilers are available.


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Solar Thermal generates hot water from the sun and can be used throughout a number of agricultural scenarios such as cleaning, facilities and sanitizing. If your hot water demand is high then solar thermal can offer huge savings on conventional forms of heating.



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