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Solar PV is particularly well suited to commercial buildings as there is often available roof space to mount the modules. The PV system will not only contribute with an average of 12-15% return on investment but protect your business against rising energy prices. It is becoming increasingly more important to demonstrate a company’s green credentials and show a commitment to offsetting your carbon footprint.


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Solar Thermal can be utilised throughout a number of applications including school swimming pools, communal hot water systems and commercial cleaning. Savings on conventional fuels such as gas and oil can be in excess of 60%; some of the largest savings available across the board of renewable technologies.


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Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps are ideal in new, well insulated buildings where lower flow temperatures can be applied via a hot air ventilation system or underfloor heating. Communal heating can also be achieved using GSHPs, often saving on installation costs.



Our experienced surveyors and installation team offer guidance throughout the design and installation process from planning permission and technical design to installation and project support.


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