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Heat Loss Calculations

It is crucial to calculate the heat loss of a building before installing any type of heat source. A heat loss calculation uses u-values based on the fabric of the building to assess where heat is lost, from this the heat source can be accurately sized to ensure it delivers the correct output to comfortably heat the property. A heat loss calculation is also an accurate way of gaining important information when judging the feasibility of installing a renewable heat source. It can highlight the annual generation, running cost and savings compared to conventional methods of heating.

It is of equal importance to size the heat emitters correctly. Heat pumps often deliver lower flow temperatures than conventional forms of heating therefore the under floor heating and radiators need to be sized in order to accommodate these temperatures. Isle-eco can accurately provide this service and give you further detailed information to ensure an efficient and effective heating system.[/vc_column_text]


Design Drawings

Isle-eco offers a range of design drawings;

• Heating Schematics
• Plant Room Design/Layout
• Solar Array Design
• Ground Works Plans

All drawing are in CAD format, samples are available upon request.[/vc_column_text]

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